CSC Continuing Education and Hidden Value to Industry

Not just for technical or contract specialists
February 28, 2023 | By Terry Bergen, CCCA

You have probably heard of CSC's Principles of Construction Documentation (PCD) course.
It is the foundation of CSC's education and certification program, and successful graduates can move on to the next set of courses offered by CSC.  Eventually, with time and experience they can become certified technical representatives, specification writers, or contract administration professionals.
However, there is a "hidden" value of the PCD course and the education it provides... it's not just for technical or contract specialists. 
The knowledge base gained through the PCD course supplements skills and provides valuable industry context to all team members of an architectural, engineering, or related industry practice.
·       For technical staff, the PCD course introduces industry best practices for the "delivery tools" of construction documentation and contracts.  These topics are often not given much time and attention in diploma and degree programs.
·       For non-technical staff, the PCD course provides an introduction and valuable context of understanding construction documents and contracts.
   o   Receptionists better understand the documents or requirements a client might call about.
   o   Marketers will be able to identify specification or technical submission requirements embedded in an RFP.
   o   Office administrators will learn about contracts and indemnities, and be on the lookout for problematic language when formatting correspondence and reports.
Everyone that takes the PCD course will better understand the shared documentation and communication requirements between owners, consultants and contractors. This encourages better, more efficient communication and relationships across the AEC industry.
RJC's Victoria office believes in this so strongly that I encourage and support all our team members to take the PCD course.  Technologists, marketers, receptionists, engineers, drafters, administrators, modellers - anyone that might write, draw, prepare or review a technical document, letter or proposal, or have to answer a phone or respond to an email referencing any one of them.
This is why I consider the PCD course to be a true gem of industry education.