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The Vancouver Island Chapter serves

the entire Island and the Gulf Islands


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Past CSC Vancouver Island Events


Thursday, March 1st - Victoria

Climate Change: Adaptation and Mitigation

Presented by Robert Lepage of RDH

Click here to see the presentation slideshow


Thursday, February 15th - Victoria

Air Barriers and Airtightness Testing

Presented by Graham Finch of RDH

Click here to see the presentation pdf


Thursday, October 19th - Victoria

Crack and Sound Membranes (MAPEI)


Thursday, September 21st - Victoria

Electronically Tinted View Glass / Dynamic Electrochromic Facades

Presented by Ed Avery with View Canada


CSC 2017 Conference: Kelowna

Visit this link to see pictures of the conference

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Thursday, April 27: Victoria

Injecting Carbon Dioxide into Concrete

Presented by Christie Gamble of CarbonCure

Click here for presentation pdf

CarbonCure Technology Link

CarbonCure Brochure


Thursday, April 13: Victoria

How to Build a Glass House (Structural Glass)

Presented by Leonard Pianalto of RJC

Click here to see slide presentation


Thursday, February 23: Victoria

Material Considerations in LEED v4

Presented by Marsha Gentile of Ledcor

Click here for presentation pdf


Thursday, January 26: Victoria

Decorative Concrete Toppings

Presented by Sherri Wildman of Ardex



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Thursday, April 19 2018 - Victoria

Next Generation Bathrooms

Presented by Maria Rudman, Schluter

Today’s bathroom has transformed from basic into beautiful. These areas now include large barrier-free spaces, tiled showers, steam showers, and soaking tubs. The flexibility in design is enhanced through the use of tile which combines hygienic virtues with versatility in décor. The result is glamorous bathrooms that are both durable and highly functional.

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April 16 & 17 - BC Construction Association

Understanding Risk in the Built Environment

Connect with hundreds of other engaged professionals, leaders, researchers and citizens at this extraordinary opportunity to shrink the gap between science, policy, and real world action that builds resilience.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018 - BC Housing Vancouver

Building Smart with Fire Risk Mitigation in New Residential Construction

Focus on Managing and dsigning to address fire safety risk while addressing new considerations around residential fires in single and multi-unit buildings.

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