Airtightness and Moisture Management Luncheon: Thursday, March 14th

A fresh look at the features of resilient and efficient envelope design presented by Siga
March 14, 2024 | By Grace Bergen, CCCA

In residential and commercial buildings, a well-designed and executed continuously sealed building envelope contributes to low energy consumption and reduces CO2 emissions. It increases occupant comfort and the building's long-term durability.

The Airtightness and Moisture Management Presentation is a fresh look at the features of resilient and efficient envelope design. Attendees learn about key layers of a building envelope, and how a well-planned weather, air, and vapor sealing strategy reduces risk and saves money.

  • Building science fundamentals and the environmental impacts that affect building performance.
  • Building envelope key components & terms.
  • The importance of a continuous weather & airtightness layer(s).
  • Strategies to avoid risk from design to implementation

Presented by Luiz Bezerra (Siga)
Luiz is a Certified Passive House Designer, Certified Passive House Trades Person, Construction Verifier and Trainer by the Passive House Institute.
Proudly the Project Manager for the first Certified Passive House in South America, located in Natal in Brazil.
He works towards a world of zero energy loss buildings, closely working with local municipalities, architects, engineers and builders to provide effective and proven airtight and weathertight solutions.

Email vancouverisland@csc-dcc.ca for more information and/or to register